Goodbye Net Neutrality

This content was censored because your ISP is demanding more money to see it.

As some people may already know, the battle for a free and open internet was just lost. The new leader of the FCC being a former Verizon employee, lawyer, and advocate of dismantling net neutrality, has just swayed the vote in the FCC to two to one. The only thing protecting the open internet has now been greatly endangered. This opens the doors for company corruption like throttling netflix and speeding up their own services like comcast or other services they support.

This means that small companies may not be able to compete in the global economy vs large competitors that pay for fast lanes in the short term future. This is the greatest threat to the internet since it's first invention. What is the alternative ? Pay more . . .If you have seen the bills for ISP's lately they are already outrageous, they are trying to drive costs up even more, to the point where a lot of people may not even be able to afford service. This is a very sad day for freedom. The FCC has voted to take away our freedom and the freedom of the internet.

The only hope of possibly swaying the FCC decision now, lies with the hope that the people voting in favor of the bill, be removed from the FCC entirely. Only with new FCC leadership could the vote later this year be swayed in any way. That said I hope every person on earth chooses to communicate their great concern to the FCC anyway to maybe sway one vote away from this devastating decision to gut the freedom of the internet. I can only pray that the heartless monsters voting in favor of this ghoulish decision, be voted out of the office, or fired for incompetence. This is a sad day for freedom !

The fact that the leader of the FCC was previously a Verizon employee should honestly disqualify him from holding that office ever. This is a violation of conduct in the highest manner. Having someone that formerly worked in telecoms or other business's invested in undermining the freedom of the internet, controlling the body of government that regulates communication and monopoly law about this kind of company, seems like a "Monopoly" type move to me. I sincerely hope that the justice department intervenes in this decision if the FCC chooses to undermine this basic freedom that is equal rights for all on the internet. Only with justice department intervention around the "Monopoly laws" will this threat to freedom really go away. 

We should all hope that since the FCC is no longer doing it's job, that the law will intervene where the FCC has failed. This should be classified as a immutable right of the internet. Fast lanes, and slow lanes are nothing but a major tool for ISP's to enable corporate monopolies to thrive unchecked. This FCC move is enabling the thing the FCC was created to originally stop ! We need a way to hold the FCC to public accountability and currently there is no checks and balances for this unelected body. We need public scrutiny into the actions of the FCC. The FCC has become as great a threat to the freedom of the internet as the telecoms lobbying to destroy net neutrality.

I didn't vote for the leader of the FCC, and until the American public does vote for leaders in this organization, it will never represent the ideals of this country we live in. America deserves better from the FCC, and I for one, am ashamed that there is no legislation forbidding previous "employees" of telecoms, to work at the FCC. Seriously ? This should be a given, if you worked for a major company, you probably should not work in legislation around stopping those kinds of companies from abusing power. The monopoly laws were created a long time ago, but they are just as important today as they were 20 years ago or more.

Were is the enforcement of justice around these laws that the FCC was created for ? Where is the representative of the people the FCC was meant to be ? What happened to the rights if the people the FCC was meant to protect ? It looks like those rights were sold out. I for one am ashamed that our country would choose a path that deny's basic freedom and equality on the internet. This is as shameful as the great firewall of china. Denying equal access to speed online, if the first step of a very slippery slope to losing freedom on the internet.

You need to ask yourself as an American are you ready to lose the freedom to watch what you want ? Are you ready for the prices of internet to skyrocket ? Are you ready for internet obstacles like slow lanes to make it impossible for startups to compete on a level playing field as telecoms ? Are you ready for e-commerce to be put into the dark ages of the internet without paying for fast lanes ? This is the greatest threat to our freedom as Americans that we have ever faced and the FCC is not representing the opinion of the masses. It is time the public demands fair representation from the FCC. If they can vote about our liberty and freedom, they must be elected officials. This is the only way forward to a future where the FCC actually is made a fair, government body. If I didn't vote for you, you should have no right to restrict my freedom online !

Demand the FCC implements a elected body of officials without past telecom history, to work to represent the American public !